7 Signs Your Pet May Need A Dental Check-Up

Your dental health is important to you. You probably visit the dentist once or twice a year, brush your teeth twice a day, and floss regularly (or at least, you tell your dentist you floss regularly). Your pet’s dental hygiene is just as important to them as yours is to you.
You can help your dog take care of their dental health by looking out for these 7 signs of bad pet dental hygiene.

1. Bad breath

Your pet’s breath is very rarely going to smell like fresh spearmint. Your pet’s breath will usually be a tad off. However, if it smells worse than their dinner or the snacks they’ve been chewing on, it may be time to take them to the vet for their regular check-up. If their breath smells particularly rancid, like rotting eggs, this could be a sign of plaque build-up and dental decay. Girraween Veterinary Hospital offer a huge range of pet dental services, so no matter what the issue, we can help with your pet’s dental health.

2. Disinterest in chewing food

Pets love food. They love food so much that they’ll often expect to have a share in your food. That’s why it should raise a red flag when they lose interest in chewing or eating altogether. This could be indicative of a pet dental health issue such as inflammation, gum disease, or damaged teeth. As soon as you notice your pets eating habits change, book an appointment to bring them in for a check-up.

3. Not allowing you to touch their mouth

Your pet normally won’t be 100% willing to let you have a look in its mouth and will more than likely pull away. However, there is a difference between general discomfort at your fingers in its mouth and being in pain. Your pet won’t realise you’re trying to help and may yelp, scratch, or bite if you get too close to a sore tooth or mouth. Your best option is to bring it in for a dental check-up. They won’t like us touching their mouth either, but the veterinarians at Girraween are highly-qualified, trained professionals who know the best way to administer a pet dental check-up.

4. Excessive drooling

Some pets normally don’t drool at all, whereas others (we’re looking at you English Bulldogs) drool pretty consistently. If your cat or dog begins drooling more regularly than usual, bring them into the local vet. Excessive drooling indicates that something is causing them to over-produce saliva or something is inhibiting their ability to swallow saliva. Either way, they’re going to need a dental health check. If your pet is pawing at their face in addition to drooling, it could be a sign of a dental abscess, loose teeth, or gum disease, all of which need to be addressed as soon as possible. Girraween Veterinary Hospital offer a wide range of pet dental services, so whatever is causing your pet trouble, we can handle it quickly and painlessly.

5. Yellowed or brown teeth

Much like human teeth, yellow or brown teeth indicate your pet has a build-up of plaque. While feeding them dental treats and brushing their teeth with special pet toothpaste is a great preventative measure, your pets will still need regular pet teeth cleaning and pet dental check-ups.

6. Irregular gums

Your pet’s gums should be a light pink colour, just like yours. If you notice their gums bleed, begin to look inflamed, or develop any growths, book them in with the vet for a dental health check. Not only are irregular gums uncomfortable or even painful for your pet, but they can also lead to more serious health problems if left unaddressed. Make sure you’re checking your pet’s gums regularly and if you notice any irregularities organise an appointment with Girraween Veterinary Hospital where our range of pet dental services will address the issue.

7. An email from your veterinarian

Sometimes it’s hard enough remembering to take ourselves in for dental check-ups. So if you’re worried you’ll forget to organise regular pet dental check-ups, let us know and we’ll sort out a dental health schedule for you. That way, when you receive a reminder email from us, you’ll be able to call and schedule an appointment for your pet’s dental health check.

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