6 Things You (And Your Puppy) Will Learn in Puppy Preschool

The first few months of your puppy’s life are crucial in setting them up with good habits and the skills they need to continue training throughout their lives, so enrolling your puppy in preschool provides them the best start. Girraween Veterinary Hospital offer a 4-week puppy preschool course in Darwin that caters to puppies of all breeds between 8-16 weeks of age. Here are just a few of the things you and pup will learn in class.

Basic Puppy Care

At Girraween puppy preschool, we understand that your dog isn’t just a unique breed; it has a unique personality and spirit. Therefore, you need to know how to cater to your dog’s individual needs. That’s why we teach you everything you need to know about grooming, feeding routines, exercise, mental stimulation, vet appointments and vaccine schedules, worming, signs to watch that indicate your puppy may be unwell. We want you and your puppy to graduate preschool with the confidence that you have the knowledge and the tools to give it the best life possible.

Puppy Diet

We know your puppy is looking at your dinner with the biggest, cutest eyes and we know it can be hard to say no. However, puppies need a special diet to keep them healthy in their first months of life and to meet their developmental needs. At Girraween Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of dog foods to suit your new puppies requirements including Hill’s Essential puppy food, Hill’s puppy foods are scientifically developed to address common puppy health concerns such as immunity, weight, digestion, skin and coat, and mobility, and Paddock to Plate Pet Foods fresh organic raw foods for those that prefer to feed the natural way.

How to Toilet Train

No matter how vigilant you are about your new puppy’s toilet routine, they are going to have a few accidents. Some of the accidents will be easy to clean up, whereas others may occur on less fortunate surfaces such as carpet, on a discarded shirt, or behind a door. It’s important to remember, however, that your dog is learning. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your puppy learn toilet etiquette overnight. Girraween puppy preschool will teach you how to develop a toileting routine, how to handle when accidents happen, and how to reward your puppy when it goes outside.


If you plan on letting your dog spend time around other dogs, animals, or small children, you need to socialise your puppy early. Puppy preschool is the perfect opportunity for puppies to meet and socialise with other puppies in a safe, controlled environment. They will have the chance to play, explore, and sniff to their heart’s content and they will graduate puppy preschool with the basics in interacting with other dogs.

Basic Commands/Obedience

Sit, stay, and rollover; the three key commands most dog-owners train their dogs to understand. While these tricks are useful in obedience training, you don’t have to stop there. At Girraween puppy preschool Darwin, we teach you the foundations of puppy training such as positive reinforcement and conditioning, so you can walk away with the tools to teach your dog anything.

Additionally, this is where your dog will learn how to behave when out for a walk. Your puppy will have a chance to adjust to its lead or harness, and it will learn what is expected when out and about. Combining basic commands and obedience training could mean your dog learns to walk with you offlead, and how to act when strangers and other dogs approach you.

Separation Anxiety Management

For the first 8-12 weeks of a puppy’s life, they are constantly surrounded by others. Whether it’s their mum and litter of siblings, the breeder caring for them, or you and your family; they’re never really alone. So, when you have to go to work and leave them alone for the first time, they are going to be scared, anxious, and upset. This could mean barking, peeing all over the house, escaping the yard, or destroying your property. Separation anxiety management is one of the most underrated skills you can teach your puppy in the early weeks of their life.

At Girraween puppy preschool Darwin, we’ll teach you skills for managing separation anxiety such as counterconditioning, providing mental stimulation for when you’re away, and creating a relaxing environment for your puppy within the house.

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Spots at Girraween puppy preschool are limited and bookings are essential. To set your puppy up with the very best start in life, enrol in puppy preschool today. To book a spot, give us a call and speak with one of our friendly nurses.

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