Girraween Veterinary Hospital's Members' Club

Now there's an easy way to afford and keep your pets healthy all-year-round!

Did you know we offer a Members' Club to help you keep your pet up-to-date with preventative care all year around as well as receiving a 10% discount on all products and services!

Canine Plans:

Little Paws' Best Start

< 5kgs: $54 per Month                                                      5-10kgs: $58 per Month                                                    11-25kgs: $62 per Month

                                                                   26-35kgs: $69 per Month                                                      36-56kgs: $76 per Month

Feline Plan:

 $26 per Month         or          $40 per Month

  • Annual C5 (dogs), F3 (cats) Vaccination
  • SR12 Heartworm Prevention Injection (dogs) FIV vaccination (cats)
  • Heartworm Test (dogs) FIV Test  (cats)
  • Bravecto Flea and Tick Prevention
  • Milpro Intestinal Parasite Prevention including Tapeworming
  • 10% discount across all services for both dogs and cats


  • Free Nutrition Counselling
  • Free Weight Management Program
  • Free Dental Checks

Girraween Vet Members ClubIn joining any of the programs in our Members' Club, you are agreeing to abide by our Terms and Conditions

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