Little Paws Best Start

Little Paw’s Best Start

Ensure your Furr baby reaches their full “paw-tential!”

Now at Girraween Veterinary Hospital we are offering a fortnightly payment plan to keep your new furr baby updated on their preventatives:

How does it work?

First, we create an estimate for the expected expenses in the first year which includes:

2x Puppy C3 Vaccination (Canine Only)
1x Annual Puppy C5 Vaccination (Canine Only)
2x Kitten F3 Vaccination (Feline Only)
1x Annual Kitten F3 Vaccination (Feline Only)
3x Kitten FIV Vaccination (Feline Only)
1 year Intestinal Worming
1 year Heart Worming (Canine Only)
1 year Flea and Tick control

Spey or Castration

Then we add extras to ensure the best outcome for your furry family member:

Puppy Preschool (Canine Only)
Blood Tests
1x Veterinary Consultation

Genetic Health Screen + Result Consultation

After the estimate has been accepted, you will apply through an external finance company for the total amount, which will then be a credit on your pets’ account.

How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost for a new puppy is about $2,000 a year and with our payment plan system, you can cover your puppy for fortnightly payments starting at $53/fortnight.

The average cost for a new kitten is about $1,200 a year and with our payment plan system, you can cover your kitten for fortnightly payments starting at $33/fortnight.

The fortnightly cost is dependent on the expected size of your puppy or kitten. (Note: We over-estimate slightly to avoid any out of pocket expenses.) 

In addition to the fornightly debits, we require a 20% deposit (which will be deducted from the total estimation).

What if there is an emergency? Can I use the money to cover the costs?

Absolutely! The money can be allocated to help cover any procedure costs for your pet!
Additionally, any credit remaining after the year’s care you are free use however you choose.

I want to join, but what if my pet has already had a vaccine (or something else on the list)?

No problem! We will tailor the estimate to your pets’ requirements.
If they have already had a vaccination, we will only include 2!
Or we can substitute the unnecessary procedure for a consultation, food, etc!
Check out this video describing the new program