Little Paws Best Start

Ensure your Furr baby reaches their full “paw-tential!”

Now at Girraween Veterinary Hospital we are offering a weekly payment plan to keep your new furr-baby updated on their preventatives:

How does it work?

First, we create an individually tailored plan for the expected expenses in the first year which will be tailored to your pet’s needs and can include:

  • 2x Puppy C4 Vaccination (Canine Only)
  • 1x Annual Puppy C5 Vaccination (Canine Only)
  • 2x Kitten F3 Vaccination (Feline Only)
  • 1x Annual Kitten F3 Vaccination (Feline Only)
  • 3x Kitten FIV Vaccination (Feline Only)
  • 1 year Heart Worming (Canine Only)
  • 6 month Intestinal Worming
  • 6 months Flea and Tick control
  • Microchip
  • Spey or Castration
  • Puppy Preschool (Canine Only)
  • Blood Tests

After the plan is set up, we get you to sign our direct debit form and nominate the card you would like us to charge weekly.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is a payment plan for your puppy or kittens most expensive part of their life which for puppies is about $1500 & $1240 for kittens.

This translates into a weekly charge (for everything: remember your plan may not include all the services) of $70/week/puppy and $57/week/kitten. 

I want to join, but what if my pet has already had a vaccine (or something else on the list)?

No problem! We will tailor the program to your pets’ requirements.

ie: If they have already had a vaccination, we will only include 2!

What happens after the 6 months are up? 

If you would like to continue with the payment plan system, then you are a perfect candidate for our Members’ Club! We will send you more information when it is time to renew or you can ask one of the knowledgeable nurses in the clinic