Monthly Specials and Themes


Lumps and Bumps

This month we will be focusing on checking all the lumps and bumps that may have come on on your pets. We want you to be able to make the best decision for the current and future health of your pet so we are offering 15% off diagnostics which will help identify whether your pets' masses are malignant or benign. NEW! HT VISTA is now at the Girraween Veterinary Hospital! A non-invasive, new scan that allows us to determine if you pets lumps and bumps are benign or cancerous.

Know Your Lumps!
We are offering 15% off a mass cytology (a microscopic examination of the cells within the mass) when it is followed by a HT Vista lump scan. 

15% the price of sending your pet's mass off to our pathology lab where they can let us know what type of mass it is!

NEW! HT VISTA is now at the Girraween Veterinary Hospital! A non-invasive, new scan that allows us to determine if you pets lumps and bumps are benign or cancerous.


Wonderful Weight Loss

We are focusing on our waist-lines this March / April!
To help lose those extra kilos, we will be offering 20% off our "Lose Weight Quick!" package.

Lose Weight Quick Package
A 12.5kg Bag of Hills Metabolic Weightloss Dry Food(Lose 88% of your pet's unwanted weight in 8 weeks!)
Four Hydro-Treadmill Sessions (If you purchase more than 4 (max of 8 total) sessions we will give 10% off every additional session!)

Nurse consultation to get your pets measurements and weekly weigh in to keep you and your pet on track!


Respect Your Elders

It's senior month!

Is your pet over 7 years old? Have you noticed weight changes, excessive consumption of water, excessive urination, irregular appetite, smelly breath, excessive salivation, or lethargy?
These are common signs of age-related disease.

This month only, we are offering 20% off our Senior Health Profile!

Veterinary Consultation
Complete Blood Screen
Thyroid Function Test
Urinalysis Test
Feline Leukemia & FIV Test (Felines only)
Day Stay


Show Us Your Teeth

It's Dental Month! August is all about making sure our pets' dental health gets an A++++! Dental disease not only affects the mouth, but infection within the mouth can be spread via the blood stream to other parts of the body, like the kidney’s and heart where it can cause irreversible damage. By helping our clients understand the importance of good dental hygiene we hope we can help you avoid these diseases in your pet and as an added bonus, their breath won't stink!

During Dental Month we are offering 20% off all dental products, free nurse dental checks, $100 off a dental scale and polish!


20% Dental Products including: 




Hills T/d Dental Diet



Pet Toothbrushes/ finger brushes and Prophy Paste

Paddock 2 Plate Bones & Chicken Necks!


Itching for the Wet

October is all about preparing your pets skin for the wet season ahead!
Itchy skin, red rash, hair loss are all signs of a skin condition!

Come into the clinic the month of October and receive the following skin related benefits: 

Discount on skin consultations

10% discount on skin work-up

10% discount on skin related products


Repair with Rehabilitation

This month will all be about rehabilitation! Did you know we offer laser therapy and hydrotherapy for your pets? Find out more about rehabilitation and its benefits for your pets here

During the month of July we are offering 20% Rehabilitation Products!

20% Off Rehabilitation Products Including:

Hills J/d and Metabolic Mobility Food

Synovan Arthritis Injections

4Cyte Dietary Supplement

Fish Oil Supplement